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If you've been thinking of cutting the cable cord to save some money, now is a great time to do so, thanks to the rise in live TV streaming services. These cancel-anytime kora live TV bundles mean you don't have to give up the things you like about cable: familiar channels, local/national news and live sports. All you need is an inexpensive streaming device before you can say goodbye to frustrating cable boxes. 

Not to be confused with on-demand platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix or HBO Max, live TV streaming services such as YouTube TV and Sling TV offer you a live channel lineup. Packages for live TV streaming services start at $25 a month without any extra fees or contracts, which is a far lower price than a cable subscription. You can stream loads of live channels including CNN, NBC, ESPN and Fox on a host of different devices, including set-top boxes and mobile devices, and you don't need q technician to stop by your home. It's so easy to get started.

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"Golden Girls" on an iPad"Golden Girls" on an iPad
Stream your favorite TV shows on smart TV, Android TV, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV devices, game consoles or on mobile.
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What's the downside? The live TV streaming services are in constant flux, with the most common revisions being price changes and channel availability. For instance, last year Disney briefly pulled all of its channels from YouTube TV, and Hulu Plus Live TV and DirecTV Stream hiked prices by an extra $5 a month. Sometimes competition is simply squeezed out -- AT&T TV Watch TV
 and PlayStation Vue
 have either stopped accepting customers or shut down entirely.

Welcome, then, to the brave new world of live TV streaming over the internet. If you need help deciding on the best streaming service or streaming bundle, then read on. We'll go over which services offer the most popular channels (including live sports channels) with tons of original content. We'll also break down how to make the most of your streaming box, streaming stick or other streaming device. We'll continue to update this best streaming service list periodically as things change (which they always do).

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